Being Slave vs. Free and Unborn vs. Born

Piper wrote a great article regarding Lincoln’s take on the logic of slavery. He extended the logic very well into the area of abortion.

I saw that one of the most popular posts on WordPress a week ago regarded a technique for stumping anti-abortionists like Dr. Piper (I’m not going to link to it because it would be a waste of your time). The writer proposed that if you want to stump an anti-abortionist, just ask them this, “If abortion were made illegal, what should happen to women who get an illegal abortion?” I don’t think Piper would’ve been too stumped by this line of questioning.

It seems to me that the abortionist’s way to stump the anti-abortionist (a label that I welcome) is to take the focus off of the issue, the personhood of the unborn. The logic is revealed – they do not consider the unborn to be a person and so abortion is permissible for us. Do you see how this compares with the logic of slavery? If certain members of the human race aren’t considered persons, then we can enslave them. If certain members of the human race aren’t considered persons, then we can kill them.

I don’t sit around thinking up ways of stumping abortionists. I think it would be much more profitable to those on both sides of the matter if we would spend more time considering the issues rather than trying to come up with tricky ways of stumping those who may disagree with us.

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  1. Kim on

    Women will continue to kill their preborn children, whether abortion is legal or not.

    I could come up with a jillion criminal behaviors that occur daily in our country … but we don’t protect them under the law, fund them with tax dollars, or slap bumper stickers on our cars encouraging the crimes. Trying to victimize the mother is the tried and true diversionary tactic.

    It’s hard not to take the bait and work on my “stumping” case.

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