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Seeing What is in the Text and Feeling it

I preached this week.  My intense prayer of preparation during the week leading up to my sermon, which I learned from John Piper, is that the LORD would give me the grace to see the truth that is in the text I’m preaching and also the anointing of the Holy Spirit to feel the truth that is in the text.  I want to be, I HAVE to be, impacted by the truth of the text if I stand any chance of being used by God to communicate the gravity of the truths I’m preaching about.

Our church takes great pride in being expository in our preaching (read what Al Mohler writes in this article to understand what is meant by expository preaching).  I’m afraid, many times, there is a trap for those who preach in this way.  It is this – that the job is to just expose the meaning of the text and if this is done then the task is complete.  Listen to what David Wells said about this danger on this week’s broadcast of the White Horse Inn:

There has been a tremendous decline of preaching.  Even those that sometimes are attempting to do clear, expository preaching…even them…you do not hear in those sermons a summons to stand before God and hear God speaking.  What you tend to hear is words – period.  And sometimes words, we all know, put together perilously close to the time of delivery.  And the sermon, really…it’s so obvious that the preacher has not, himself, first stood before God and heard that word in his own soul and had it’s truth buried in the midst of his own life.  So he goes through the motions and does his best, no doubt, in the short time that he has given himself for it.  But at the end of the day people come in and out of church and they are left untouched by it.

Wow!  That was so convicting to me as I begin this week leading up to my sermon.  So if you preach, I pray you will encounter the Sovereign God in His word this week as you prepare – pray the same for me.  If you listen to preaching – pray for the man of God who will stand before you, and more importantly before God, and deliver a message from God’s word.  Pray that he will see the truth in the scripture he is preaching from and pray that he will be deeply impacted by the truth in that scripture so that the people sitting under his preaching will be touched by the transforming power of God.