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My Podcasts – Capitol Hill Baptist Church

I apologize for the absence, but there are some things that are more important than blogging.

…so where were we?  My podcasts – Capital Hill Baptist Church.

The first time I heard of Mark Dever was when I happened upon the 9 marks of a healthy church on the internet.  Dever and the 9 marks ministry have been a blessing to me ever since.  This podcast is of his weekly sermons.

Mark Dever heads up 9 Marks ministries, is one of the four men who arranges the Together for the Gospel conference coming up next year, has written and is writing excellent books, speaks at engagements for Ligonier Ministries/Desiring God ministries/Shepherd’s conference to name just a few, runs a pastoral training program at his church, and sits on the council at the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Busy guy, huh? Well, he is also the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in downtown Washington D.C. and so preaches there nearly every Sunday. You can’t find much more consistent and expository preaching than what takes place in the pulpit and Capitol Hill Baptist Church. I thank God for the congregation and it’s leaders.

He is an excellent expositor, committed to biblical exposition in the pulpit every Sunday. Plus, I believe, just about every message he has preached in the pulpit at his church contains a clear gospel message. His messages are challenging and filled with wisdom. He is currently making his way through Revelation.

Dever has a real gift for giving the listener a view of a passage that encompasses all of scripture. He never has his blinders on as he teaches a passage of scripture. His messages always contain a perspective on a passage that fits it into the overarching message of the Bible. It is a real gift.

So check out this podcast and especially pick up the older podcasts so you can listen to the entire series on Revelation.