My Podcasts – The Albert Mohler Program

mohlerprogram-icon1Monday through Friday Dr. Albert Mohler spends a little over 30 minutes commenting, teaching, answering questions, and interviewing a variety of individuals on a wide array of topics on his radio show.  It is produced in Louisville, KY where Mohler lives and works as the President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Mohler is a polarizing figure.  You either love him or hate him for the most part.  He has a lot of enemies, and he has a lot of followers.

I happen to enjoy Mohler’s teaching and writing.  I find it challenging and he always makes me think.  Another helpful thing I find from reading Mohler’s books and articles and listening to his podcast is that he assists me in thinking in Biblical terms regarding the most current of issues and debates.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that the man is well read and has a giant intellect.  Any person who desires to think like a Christian has to consider Mohler’s point of view.  Any person who wants to be informed about the most debated of moral issues has to consider Mohler’s words.

Mohler’s podcast comes every day so it can be difficult to stay up to date.  The podcast title for the day details the topic of discussion so you can bypass it if you want.  However, I would suggest just listening to the first segment if you don’t care to listen to the topic of discussion because in the first segment Mohler goes over the headlines and offers an excellent Christian worldview perspective on the days latest news.  On Wednesdays Mohler does an “Ask Anything” program, which is always entertaining if not informative.

Tuesday’s program was great as Mohler responded to an article in Monday’s USA Today which attacked the truth claims of scripture.  He offers a brief response to the article, but his brief response will challenge you and help you as you contend for the faith.  So today is good day to start subscribing to the program because it is “Ask Anything Wednesday“, but you should also be sure to get yesterday’s program as well.

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