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In my last post I wrote about my brother’s latest sermon series and the podcast that I subscribe to which keeps me current on his latest sermons.  So I thought I’d go with that theme and post a series on the different podcasts that I subscribe to.  Feel free to comment with any suggestions you may have or podcasts that you find helpful.

White Horse INN Logo

The Whitehorse Inn is a podcast that I think is essential to any Christian with an iPod.  It’s Michael Horton (author of Christless Christianity, which I am currently reading – a book that came out of the theme for 2008’s podcasts on the Whitehorse Inn) and 3 of his colleagues sitting around chatting about theology, church culture, societal trends, and so on.  They always make the listener think and they always bring up the best points on any number of topics.  Currently, for 2009, the theme of the podcast is Christ in a Post-Christian culture.  And this is extremely relevant, just check out this article in Newsweek and see.

This past Sunday (the newest installment comes once a week on Sundays) the discussion centered around 1 Corinthians 15 and Paul’s teaching on the resurrection.  It is excellent and worth the time to listen to.  So if you have a commute to work or you workout with your iPod or have the time to listen to the podcast, it comes once a week and this would be a good week to start.

I would also recommend bookmarking the website – – because they always post helpful articles and book recommendations that go along with the current podcast and you can check out the archives of past podcasts.  Enjoy.


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